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About Effing Time *TICK TOCK MOTHER F*CKER* 360 Case


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Introducing the About Effing Time Watch Travel Case  ‘TICK TOCK MOTHER F*CKER’ Edition
Cased In Time Cases are the perfect safe storage for your watches, ideal for nights away, holidays and transportation. They offer 360 Degree of watch protection due to the rugged outer shell and softly sculpted interior.
A safe and robust case designed with watch security in mind. Ergonomically designed for ease of handling, the metal zip feature offers easy access to your watch whilst keeping dust and dirt out. The case is sculpted inside with an additional protective foam insert to limit movement of your watch and further minimise risk of damage.
EVA inner shell with Nylon woven coated Outer Shell. Man made Foam inserts. Metal Zip.
Size: 10cm x 10cm x 5.5cm
Weight: 50g
Fits any watch up to 50mm in size



Size & Fit

About Effing Time *TICK TOCK MOTHER F*CKER* 360 Case

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About Effing Time *TICK TOCK MOTHER F*CKER* 360 Case

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Product Features

Strong enough to protect precious contents from crushing pressure, scratches, bumps and splashes, light enough to take anywhere.

Distinctive colourways that match your lifestyle and help identify the watch inside.
Trusted quality means you can buy from people who understand the true value of your watch, share your passion for protection.

  • Safe
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