About Effing Time X Cased In Time Collaboration


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About Effing Time X Cased in Time Collaboration

  • A uniquely designed case that ensures ultimate protection for your statement watch piece. This lightweight shell made from state -of -the -Art fabric makes it a first choice for secure and space-saving travel. Shock proof, water resistant and fire retardant, the cases fit discretely into your pocket or luggage leaving you feeling confident that your precious items are fully secured and protected.
  • The cases are suitable for all brands of watches and endless possibilities far beyond your imagination. Choose from stylish and sophisticated colours or go daring with vibrant pops of colour!



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About Effing Time X Cased In Time Collaboration

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About Effing Time X Cased In Time Collaboration

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Product Features

Strong enough to protect precious contents from crushing pressure, scratches, bumps and splashes, light enough to take anywhere.

Distinctive colourways that match your lifestyle and help identify the watch inside.
Trusted quality means you can buy from people who understand the true value of your watch, share your passion for protection.

  • Safe
  • Secure
  • Stylish
  • Trusted